Mike’s Blog: The Heart of a Runner, Part 05

Editor’s note: Mike Ashland loved running. But after he moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Oregon, and began working on a home renovation with his partner, he found himself more and more exhausted. Medical tests revealed that without his knowledge, he had suffered a massive heart attack that destroyed nearly half of his heart muscle. Within a month, Ashland went from being a marathon runner to a critically ill heart patient. With no job and no health insurance, he found himself facing the most serious crisis of his life. Ashland chronicles his perilous journey in this blog.

February 12

It was a near perfect day in Cannon Beach yesterday. I woke up wondering how my body was going to react to having walked all day along the beach and up and down the dunes. It feels good! I’m a bit weary, but I was more active yesterday than I was the entire previous month.

I don’t understand if this is something to be trusted. Is the medication making me feel better, or is it actually kicking in and correcting something? Yesterday was the first day since the beginning of January that I didn’t have to lie down. I coughed very little. This sudden change in less than a week feels like a miracle. It seems serendipitous that this change coincides with the appearance of sunshine.

The worst thing that happened on our big adventure yesterday was that our dog Maddie chewed all the seat belts off the Jeep.

They’re replaceable.

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