Liz’s Blog: As the Tumor Turns, Part 01

Elizabeth Churchill began writing her blog in 2006 after a grapefruit-sized tumor wedged between her lungs was diagnosed as a malignant highly aggressive stage IV lymphoma.

Before her cancer diagnosis, she was the author of a horticultural column, an avid weightlifter, and a homeowner with a beautiful garden north-east of New Orleans, Louisiana. Once she started treatment, she couldn’t work, her relationship with her fianc√© ended, and she became so in debt she had to sell her home to pay the bills. Churchill started writing to keep family and friends informed and herself sane. As she says, “A single woman in my fifties, in debt, no income, no health insurance, and then that grapefruit-sized tumor….How much worse can it get? Bwahahaha! Stay tuned and find out.”

Irreverent to the core, Liz Churchill’s blog takes on everything from cancer-related “meltdowns” to her terror of undergoing cancer treatment at the medical center she refers to as “Our Lady of the Damned,” where patients go who have no money and no health insurance. Here, we excerpt a few of her often painful but always witty entries.

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Part 3: “Belly up”

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Part 5: “You’re all invited”

Part 6: “How to be a support ho”

Part 7: “The very sight of you”

Part 8: “Updates from Cancerland”

Part 9: “The scream”

Part 10: “Little Miss Meltdown”

Part 11: “Epilogue

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