Using Your Scale

Purpose of a Scale

A scale measures your weight (lbs.) 

Setting Up Your Scale

Install the batteries provided with the device.

Taking a Reading

With the scale on a hard and flat surface, wake it up by placing one foot on the scale then removing it while the display settles to 0. With the display showing 0.0lb, step fully onto the scale and wait until your reading blinks and remains on the display, then step off the scale. The scale will show the following as it transmits:

Tips for Taking a Reading

  • Remove your shoes and excess clothing (e.g., jackets, scarves etc.) before stepping on the scale.
  • Check your weight after you have used the bathroom.
  • Keep the scale in the same location and make sure it is placed on a hard and flat surface (do not place the scale on a carpet or mat.)
  • Remain still and distribute your weight evenly on both feet during your measurement.