Using Your Glucometer

bioland glucometer
Bioland Glucometer
Purpose of a Glucometer

A glucometer measures your blood sugar levels. 

5 Simple Steps to Take Your First Reading
  1. Open the device box and unpack all items provided.
  2. Insert a test strip into the glucometer’s test port. The meter display will turn on with a flashing blood drop.
  3. On the glucometer, press the ‘S’ button on the meter to indicate if your reading is Before or After Meal.
  4. When ready, apply your blood to the absorbent hole of the test strip. As soon as enough blood has filled, you will hear a beep and a countdown of 5 seconds will start.
  5. Once done, your blood glucose level will appear on the display. ‘In transit’ will flash until ‘Transmission Success’ appears to indicate that your reading has been sent.
Tips for Taking a Reading
  • Wash your hands using warm water before you test to prevent infection.
  • Let your hand hang down and shake it. This will help blood flow to your hand.
  • Pierce your fingertip on the side of your finger, between the bottom of your fingernail to the tip of your nail (avoid the pads as this can pinch more).
  • After taking a test strip out, close the lid tightly. Too much light or moisture can damage the strips.