Questions Patients May Want to Ask Their Doctors about Arthritis

1. What is the difference between arthritis and rheumatic disease?

2. Are there several types of arthritis?

3. Does it affect all joints in the body?

4. Does it only affect older people?

5. What can I take for pain relief?

6. Will I have to take this pain medication for life?

7. How is arthritis diagnosed?

8. What kinds of tests will I have to undergo?

9. Will I need surgery?

10. Does arthritis run in families? Does it affect women more often than men?

11. What can I do to manage this condition?

12. Can arthritis be completely cured?

13. Will it really help if I move to a warmer climate?

14. Are there any devices to help alleviate the pain?

Questions Your Doctor May Ask You

1. When did you first notice the pain and swelling in your joints?

2. How long did the pain last?

3. Did you take any medication?

4. Are you on medication for any other condition?

5. Is the pain located in one or more joints?

6. Do you recall what first caused the pain and swelling?

7. How long do the pain and swelling last?

8. Does being active make the pain better or worse?

9. Do you have a family member with arthritis or another rheumatic disease?

10. Have you seen a specialist before today?

11. Which tests did the doctor perform?

12. Have you tried to lose weight?


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